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HELLO, friends!

Hello, friend! Welcome to THINGS WITH EYES, an accidentally global project that has spanned over ten years so far - and a ton of miles! Our trusty bag of reusable Eyes has accompanied us to Europe, the Americas and across Australia - and there's no stopping us now! Stay tuned for further THINGS WITH EYES adventures here on our official site, on Pinterest and on Facebook!

For now, though, have a browse through our galleries of THINGS WITH EYES - we guarantee it will bring a smile to your face! And if you fall in love with one of our Things, the shop is coming soon, where you will be able to purchase beautiful products featuring your new friend! THINGS WITH EYES make magical, unique goods to gift or to keep for your daily dose of happiness! Best of all, if you are a travel photographer, a lover of quirky projects or just looking for something cute for craft day, we make tiny KITS for you to create your own THINGS WITH EYES! Pick up a kit by writing to us, take a quick visit to The WAY of the EYES for tips and important cautions, then GO! Trust us, adding Eyes to your travels will bring a whole new level of meaning and fun to your voyage! But beware - you may find yourself addicted...



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